Clean Bee Shirt Collars

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Growing up in Queens New York, I attended Catholic school from grade school to high school. Therefore as a young man, I was required to wear a uniform for most of my life. My school uniform was not fancy. I was required to wear polyester gray pants, a white cotton button-down collared shirt and a burgundy tie. As a teenager, I worked in the local movie theaters where I wore the United Artist theater usher uniform. We had to wear a blazer, gray pants, a white cotton button-down shirt and a clip-on bow tie.

School boy wearing white shirt

Interestingly, there is something liberating about not having to decide which outfit to wear daily. The undisputed champion of my closet and the MVP of my wardrobe is undoubtably the white collared shirt. In fact, more often than not, you will find me wearing a white collared shirt.

Now, let me get into the point of this article. Not every man is the same. I’m the type of guy that: likes my shoes shined; that gets taps on my shoe soles; and that likes a crisp shirt. I can keep my shoes clean; I can keep my suits in good shape. However, no matter what I try, I have ring around the collar on my white shirt.

The problem of the dirty and soiled shirt collar.

It is embarrassing to go to the dry cleaners with a mountain of white shirts with soiled collars. When I was growing up, my mom used to scrub the dirt out of my collars so often that they would turn yellow. Inevitably, the shirt collars would become tattered. Just the other day, I sat behind a finely-dressed man whose shirt collar was beyond dirty. The problem of the dirty shirt collar is pervasive in our society. We must stop the madness.

I came up with the Clean Bee collar protector so that you can protect your shirt collar. You need not be embarrassed anymore. You can also wear a shirt multiple times because the collar stays clean. That way you save money on dry cleaning and your shirts will last longer. No longer do we have to accept a dirty collar as a fact of life. It’s a new day. Keep those collars clean with Clean Bee.

Clyde Vanel
Clean Bee Collar Protectors

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